Features V1

The only
Cloud Management Tool
you'll ever need

All Accounts

View all your accounts and thier health status in a single location.

All Regions

View and filter all you services across regions.

All Services

Get the full value from your cloud services.

Discover Discounts

Automatically detect where you can save the most (without the risk).

Optimize Performance

Identify performance improvements based on appicaiton behavior.

Stay Modern

Receive catered build recommendations that fit your stack.

Features V2

AWS Certified Professionals

Access AWS certified Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers, Developers, and more to help you on your well-architected journey through the cloud .

Azure Certified Professionals

Access Azure certified Solutions Architects, Administrators, Developers, Security Engineers, and more to help you on your journey to a healthier cloud.

GCP Certified Professionals

Access Google Cloud Platform certified Solutions Architects, Cloud, and Data Engineers, and more to help you on journey to a healthier cloud.

Features V3